Spray Foam Testing

Spray Foam insulation is the miracle product of the 21st Century. Not only does Spray Foam provide a superior barrier to the temperature extremes of summer and winter weather but Spray Foam seals the cracks and crevices in your homes and businesses stopping drafts and air flow from outside to inside and vice versa. But improperly formulated or improperly installed Spray Foam becomes an odorous nightmare, off-gassing a potpourri of smelly gases and VOCs


Boston Environmental is able to assess the off-gassing problems related to a bad Spray Foam job, by conducting tests in the room air and directly test the installed Spray Foam insulation to determine what chemicals are being off-gassed, providing the information necessary to reconcile the problem. Additionally, with its experience in providing expert witness testimony, Boston Environmental can support any litigation that may be required to resolve the issues between providers and users.


Spray foam formulated and applied properly is unique in its ability to optimize most insulation problems, but when odors and off-gassing indicate a problem, Boston Environmental is available to help reconcile the problem and recommend a solution for remediation.