Restaurant Inspections & Permits


Many municipalities including The City of Boston Department of Inspectional Services (DIS), Health Division require a Professional Environmental Engineers to conduct a survey of food storage and preparation areas located in basements or other below grade areas of buildings, in conformance with both USDA and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations. These regulations can be found on-line specifying the environmental conditions and construction requirements the inspecting engineer should address during the inspection which must be subsequently confirmed in a written report sent to the City describing your facilities conformance to these regulations based on the inspection. The specifics of these requirements are described in “Guidelines for Preparing for an Environmental Inspection of Food Storage and Preparation Areas Located in the Basement of a Building Guidelines Developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food Code 1999.”

Boston Environmental has been assisting restaurant owners, architects and building contractors, by conducting these surveys and providing consultative assistance to help these individuals comply with the requirements of the code. The client is best advised to contact Boston Environmental in the early stages of planning, to facilitate appropriate design layouts, materials selection and suitability of the selected work space. Our 20 years’ experience conducting these surveys has provided Boston Environmental an understanding of the wide range of issues encountered in this type construction, such that we are able to guide the client to a best solution at minimum cost.