Pool Testing

Pool water, hot tub water, spa water and other such indoor water facilities are a frequent cause of user complaints related to bronchial distress, burning eyes and odors.  Typically Pool users feel that there is a chlorine problems that causes the vapors from the pool, to burn their throats and eyes and make them generally uncomfortable.

Although, Chlorine is almost always blamed for the Pool water problems, the real culprit is a chemical called Chloramine, a chemical produced by the reaction of the chlorine used to purify the water and the body oils and other materials sluffed off of human bodies.  Pool and hot tub water can be controlled to minimize this problem, but this requires special attention to the pool water chemistry and a rapid response to correct the problem when it first appears.

Pool water problems are reasonably easy to correct, but it requires the assistance of professional engineers to conduct the proper tests and assist the pool management in understanding and responding to the factors that trigger these complaints.