Particle & Particulate Testing

Particle testing and Particulate tests conducted by Boston Environmental address the debris that finds its way into the breathing air of a residence or commercial building. The key environmental concern for particles and particulates in the size of the particle or particulate (henceforth called particles). The major concern is that small particles. Particles .0004 inches (10 microns) or smaller are the biggest problem to humans. These micro particles become lodged deeply in the lungs. This subsequently can result in a range of health problems affecting your lungs, your heart, development of respiratory problems and can even result in developing Asthma.


The sources of particles are many, including dust from factories, exhaust from vehicles, leaks in heating system flues, dust from construction projects, products used in homes and business by individuals. Such particles can often be controlled by use of proper filtering media, or in work situations by use of well-engineered ventilation systems, proper masks, respirators and other safety equipment.


When problems arise that result in problems or concerns, Boston Environmental can conduct particle testing to determine what types of respirable particles may be present and offer solutions for controlling or eliminating the problems.