Metal Contamination Inspections

Metal contamination of the room air can be caused by a variety of activities. Among the most common sources of such contamination are metals operations such as Welding, Grinding, Plating and myriad other operations where metals may not be a primary component of the activity.  A major concern is that a metal dust or particulate in the air, from what may otherwise be thought of as a benign material may become a source of a toxin in the air. A classic example is chromium VI (hexavalent chromium) which as a particulate becomes toxic and must be treated as a danger to the health and safety of humans.  Chromium VI as an example, can be released into the air by the simple acts of grinding or cutting some types of stainless steel. Toxic effects caused by inhalation, or ingestion of hexavalent chromium compounds can include; dermatitis, allergic and eczematous skin reactions, skin and mucous membrane ulcerations, allergic asthmatic reactions, carcinomas, gastro-enteritis and others.


Boston Environmental is able to conduct testing in any work environment or even mount test monitors on workers and technicians to measure the levels of metals in the air or in the breathing zone of the technician to determine if dangerous conditions may exist.