Legionella Testing

Legionella testing is conducted by Boston Environmental whenever Legionella is suspected in the water of a commercial building or residence. The presence of Legionella bacteria in the potable water supply or cooling water supply of a building places occupants at risk of contracting Legionella pneumophila, an infectious disease similar to pneumonia. Legionella is a disease that is frequently fatal to a high percentage of people infected.


The source of Legionella in residences and commercial buildings is the hot water supply system, where the hot water storage is maintained at a temperature below 140oF. Most Legionella bacteria are killed at this temperature, but there are always concerns about scalding. This can be prevented by adding a mixing valve where cold water is added down- stream from the hot water storage. In commercial buildings, cascade-type cooling water towers are a primary concern.


A second concern are cool water dehumidifiers. If sanitized daily these are usually not a problem, but can pose a risk if not properly maintained.


Boston Environmental can provide testing and consulting services for assuring that Legionella bacteria are properly addressed and not a problem.