Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Boston Environmental’s professional staff is available to serve as Expert Witnesses in supporting litigants where issues related to the science and technology of the Indoor Environment are being contested.  Our ABOUT US web page provides a brief curriculum vitae of each of our highly trained engineers and scientists who are available to support such litigation. Many of these individuals have appeared as Expert Witnesses in New England courts and some have also supported litigation in cases in other parts of the United States.  Each of these individuals has more than 20 year’s experience and several more than 40 year’s experience. Each is articulate, confident and commanding of his/her area of expertise and capable of supporting a broad range of technology issues related to the indoor environment. The areas most frequently served include:


  •   Mold and mildew contamination
  •   Indoor Air Quality
  •   Spray Foam Insulation off-gassing
  •   Formaldehyde
  •   Toxicology


Boston Environmental can provide both the testing and analytical support, along with the testimony required to convince a jury of the legitimacy of our arguments.  We would be pleased to discuss your problem and issues, and help you to determine if our skills meet your requirements.