Cannabis Odor Testing

As cannabis cultivation farms, cannabinoid extraction facilities, and marijuana dispensaries continue to sprout up across the United States, the industry has been met with growing concerns regarding airborne contamination and unwanted odors by next door neighbors and local organizations.


In the state of Massachusetts, businesses that produce cannabis and cannabinoid commodities for recreational and medical distribution must comply with specific ventilation requirements as mandated by Commonwealth regulations, enforced by the Cannabis Control Commission. Compliance with these ventilation requirements, however, does not address potential cannabis-related odor problems caused by certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inside these commercial establishments nor outside of their subject properties.


The fragrant oils that contribute to the aromatic diversity of cannabis are called terpenes; a large class of hydrocarbon compounds emitted by a variety of flowering herbs as a natural byproduct of plant metabolism. Those with and without a heightened and hypersensitive sense of smell have adversely and objectionably described these distinct and often pungent odors as “skunky” and unpleasant. Consequently, lawsuits are already being filed under nuisance statues by individuals living and working within the vicinity of these commercial establishments, especially as municipal, state, and potentially eventual federal legislations continue to evolve to address this issue.


By evaluating existing operations and proposed structural implementations, Boston Environmental can develop and implement odor mitigation methodologies and engineering enhancements to help facilities minimize and neutralize their airborne emissions, adequately control operational odors, optimize HVAC systems, and resolve most indoor air quality (IAQ) contamination complications.


Should your organization require a cannabis-related odor mitigation investigation, Boston Environmental can help your businesses maintain good relationships with your surrounding communities by providing your team with comprehensive insights and solutions to your air quality needs.