Mold Testing & Indoor Air Quality Consulting

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Boston Environmental is New England’s foremost authority on Mold Testing, Indoor Air Quality, Spray Foam Off-gassing, and Litigation Support.  We offer our New England clients, the most economical and technically sound methods for resolving their indoor air quality, mold and other environmental problems. No project is too small or too big. Mold testing and Indoor Air Quality issues can be can be addressed by the best educated most experienced staff in New England.

We understand the science of Mold and Indoor Air Quality; where mold, bacteria and allergens hide; what causes Legionella, etc.  Because of this unique expertise we are frequently engaged as expert witnesses when there is a conflict about the cause/s of a mold or Indoor air quality problem.  Utilizing our breadth of experience and capability, we are able to service the needs of Private Residences, Businesses, Retail Stores, Office Space, Industrial Facilities, Hotels and others, to support any requirement dealing with mold or Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor Air Quality

Mold Testing

Bacteria Testing

Pool Testing

Formaldehyde Testing

Drinking Water Testing

Expert Witness

Legionella Testing

Metal Contamination



Particles & Particulates

Radon Testing

Restaurant Environmental Testing

Spray Foam Testing

Waste Water Discharge

Our expertise includes all forms of indoor air quality and indoor environmental problem resolution, include among others, consultation and/or testing for:

•    Mold and Mildew
•    Dust and particulate identification,
•    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other airborne chemicals,
•    Spray Foam off-gassing and odor tests,
•    Formaldehyde testing
•    Odor identification,
•    Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide testing,
•    Pesticides and Herbicides
•    Restaurant Environmental Surveys
•    Drinking and Well water testing and evaluation,
•    Legionella water testing
•    Waste water discharge consulting/compliance/discharge and MWRA applications
•    Swimming pool and hot tub water quality and off gassing
•    Remediation planning, oversight and consulting
•    Expert Witness & Litigation Support
•    Others

Boston Environmental applies its extensive knowledge of environmental engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, ecology, HVAC technology, building construction and air flow, to assure that you receive the appropriate technical support required to resolve your Indoor Environmental Problems.  Boston Environmental’s team is led by a Registered Professional Chemical Engineer with 40 years’ experience and is staffed by experienced, multi-degreed, technical professionals with unparalleled knowledge of applicable state and federal compliance, regulations and other statutes, focused on providing a multidisciplinary approach to assisting clients with problem analysis and remediation solutions.

Boston Environmental can provide your organization, your facility, or your residence with fast, responsive, dependable service, and money-saving solutions, from design and consulting, structure investigations, site surveys, and feasibility studies.

Our Consultants service residential, commercial, hotel and industrial buildings by applying state-of-the-art technology and well thought out strategies that answer client needs, protect building occupants, support client goals, reduce risk, and enhanced cost control.  These services encompass:

•    Environmental testing
•    Environmental consulting
•    Environmental contracting
•    Environmental engineering
•    Environmental support and consulting for restaurants
•    Litigation support
•    Permitting and regulatory compliance services
•    Remediation feasibility studies and evaluations
•    Site specific risk management consulting and services
•    EPA response support

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